I’m incredibly angry because Regulus was obviously supposed to be Snape’s foil. He too was raised in the viper’s nest, made all the wrong choices, then because of selfless revelations decided to sacrifice himself to try to take down Voldemort in the most meaningful way that he…


Anonymous asked:

I've had this playing around in my head for forever. Head canon where Sirius and Lily are suuuper tight and Sirius gets all over protective of Lily when he finds out her and James are dating? Pretty please?

scared-of-clouds answered:

I wasn’t totally sure whether you meant that you wanted a drabble or a list of headcanons, but I was in the mood for a drabble so that’s what I wrote :)

If you want headcanons though, you should try Lindsey (snapslikethis) or Ida (alymuffin), their headcanons are the best.

James slammed the door of the boys’ dorm behind him, and immediately began to remove his Quidditch training uniform, flinging everything straight on the laundry pile as it came off.

‘Not that I’m complaining, but shouldn’t you make sure that the room is empty before you start stripping?’ The female voice was lightly amused and came from Sirius’ bed, and James whipped around to see Lily resting against his best mate’s pillows, her eyebrows raised in amusement.

‘Well, even if it wasn’t empty, really there should only be other blokes in here. So no, I don’t.’ He sat down on the bed beside her and grinned. ‘So what exactly brings you to our dorm this fine evening Evans?’

‘Well I heard that there would be fit blokes in Quidditch uniforms, so…’

He reached over and yanked her ankles until her body slid down and he could hover himself over her. ‘Isn’t it great when rumours turn out to be true?’

She giggled, and then his mouth was covering hers, and though she felt a momentary twinge of guilt about the fact that they were snogging on Sirius’ bed it was amazing how easily James’ kisses could wipe her mind clean.

And apparently they rendered her so deaf, dumb and blind that she failed to notice another person entering the room.

‘For fucks sake Prongs, can you at least snog on your own bed?!’

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